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listing placed 07 November 2023 United Kingdom

Beagle Auster D5 180 Husky

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D5 180 Husky £63,500.00 GBP

Wilco Aviation are delighted to have this rare example of a Beagle Auster D5 180 Husky for sale. Listed with us exclusively G-AVSR is located at our home base in Henstridge, Somerset in the South West of England.

The Beagle Husky (originally, the Auster D.5 and initially designated the Auster J/1Y) was a three-seat British light aircraft built in the 1960s which originated from a Portuguese Air Force requirement for a liaison/training aircraft, a development of the Auster Alpha. It first flew as an Auster design in January 1960, but that company was taken over by Beagle Aircraft in September that year. It was initially available with a 160 hp Lycoming O-320 engine as the Auster D5/160.

Twenty-two D5/160 were built for Portugal by Auster Aircraft at their Rearsby, Leicestershire, factory, in addition to a single D5/180 (the first such aircraft, with a 180 hp Lycoming O-360 engine). 141 sets of components for D5/160s were built by Auster and shipped to Portugal from Rearsby for assembly by the Oficinas Gerais de Material Aeronautico OGMA under licence, and 5 modification kits to bring a D5/160 to D5/180 standard were also sent. The exact number of aircraft completed by OGMA is a point of contention but it is probable that 138 D.5 aircraft were completed with one kit becoming a test airframe and two kits remaining as a source of spares. The Portuguese Air Museum preserves two; one in flying condition.

A further three Auster D5/160 were sold to the Congo. Subsequently, Beagle developed the D5/160 as the “Beagle D5/180 Husky” with a 180 hp Lycoming O-360 engine, the first being G-ASBV first flown in 1962. Only 15 Huskys were made before production was discontinued in 1967. Since each aircraft was made to order to each customer’s specification and there was no standard design of a Beagle Husky, production was accordingly uneconomic.

Sierra Romeo is a delight to fly. Having the reliable Lycoming O-360 with 180hp upfront and 4 seats as well as being on an LAA Permit is something that doesn’t come on the market very often.

Total fuel 45 IMP gallons
90 knt cruise
Interior: Light Green Leatherette
Exterior: Green & White
Garmin G5 Electronic Flight Instrument
Bendix King KT 76C TSO Transponder
Garmin 225a Transceiver (8·33 kHz spaced)
SigTronics SPA-400 TSO Intercom
Air Speed Indicator (ASI)
Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI)
Turn & Slip
RPM gauge
Vacuum gauge
Oil temperature gauge
Oil pressure gauge
Cylinder head temperature gauge
Ampere meter
Taxi light
Landing light
Cockpit cover

Interior – 8/10
Exterior – 7/10

YEAR: 1967
MAKE: Beagle Auster
MODEL: D5 180 Husky
AIRFRAME HOURS: 3150 (+/- 5hrs)
ENGINE MAKE: Lycoming 0-360
ENGINE HOURS: 1210 (+/- 5hrs)
PERMIT: New on Sale
EMPTY WEIGHT: 1620lbs (735kgs)
MTOW: 2400lbs (1089kgs)

PRICE: £63,500.00 GBP

Telephone: +44 (0)20 3475 9255

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