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listing placed 24 May 2024 United Kingdom

Rand Robinson KR2 - Rotax 912UL

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A very well built example of the Rand Robinson KR2 with approved and usable retractable undercarriage, and possibly one of the best performing pocket rockets per horsepower available, even by modern standards. Rotax 912UL 80hp powered providing known reliability and superb performance and fuel economy, and propelled by a custom ground adjustable Warp Drive 3 blader finished with a carbon spinner.

With an impressive max continuous S&L figure of 143mph(actual test standard atmosphere conditions with scope to clean the airframe further), it can eat up the miles though tends to currently enjoy sitting at 125mph all day long burning around 15lph below 5000rpm.

* Electric pitch trim
* TQ Avionics 8.33 radio & transponder
* Carb heat
* CHT, EGT along with other standard engine instrument
* Includes aircraft covers

* Mixture controls installed but not connected(didn't get round to it)
* Cabin heat controls installed, box installed but not connected(didn't get round to it)

Whilst this KR2 has pilot and passenger seat, it is essentially a single seat aircraft(I call it a Billy no mates low cost mile eater with a seat for your sandwiches). Whilst it's not a difficult aircraft to fly, it does require good tailwheel skills and with its close coupling, must be flown with finesse.

And yes, that's 4 straight through stainless steel exhaust pipes.

Currently out of permit since September 2023 though can be sold with a fresh permit upon agreement of sale.

All mods are LAA approved, just needs a fresh ticket.

Price : £10000.00

Contact : 07516 235 000 /

Aircraft is based in the southwest of England.

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