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Banner Advertising on afors

Targeted advertising on the web is the way of the future. Reaching your niche market much more cost effectively than any other method.

Commercial banner advertising on afors.

Banner Advertising on gives great exposure for any aviation business seeking more customers. Even the most widely read magazines in this niche only reach a small percentage of your target market.
This is because many are subscription only and are not available to new customers on the magazine stands.
If you are currently advertising in a magazine, ask for their circulation figures and compare them to the afors figures below. You may be surprised, possibly even shocked, to find out how few users the magazines actually reach. for example, the BMAA magazine issues around 3500 copies per month. the LAA, approximately twice that. Pilot magazine, which claims to be the uk's most popular flying magazine has a Circulation somewhere around the 20,000 mark. Flyer about the same.
Afors, has over 57,000 unique users per month, which is more than all of these magazines combined.

Google’s Assistance with the display rotation

We are a member of Google’s doubleclick for publishers, small business community.
This means your banner will actually be served up using the Google Publisher Network. This means, that, if you require, you can have access to the advert reports. The impressions served, and click through rate, so you can see that the advert is worthwhile and is working for you. Magazines simply cant do that.

Banner Availability

There are a number of banner sizes to choose from.
All adverts are for a minimum placement of 6 months, payable in advance.

Banners are dynamic and rotated according to Google’s algorithms to maximise the adverts exposure to the users. This is very clever and it means, that each individual user is much more likely to see your banner, since each user actually comes back to the site on average 3 times per month and looks at 9 pages, spending nearly 5 minutes on the site per visit. As we wish to give the best value for your money, there are only a limited number of banner slots available, for each size ensuring exposure rates stay high.

Banner Format

We no longer accept Flash banners, as these dont display on mobile devices. you can have .jpeg .jpg. .giff or .png formats They must be optimised to be 74 Kbytes or less ( this is not particularly difficult.)

Advertising on afors - Availability and costs.

  • Leaderboard banner ad. (728px by 90px), from £40 per month,
  • Skyscraper ad (160px by 600px)(left hand side of site) from £100.00 per month
  • Small box (175px by 175px) left hand side below the skyscraper. from £15.00 per month
  • Rectangles, these are on the right hand side of the site.
    • 300*100 £30 per month
    • 300*150 £45.00
    • 300*200 £60.00
    • 300*250 £75.00
    • 300*300 £80.00
    • Larger sizes than this are no longer available, as I am trying to improve the look of the site.

The Minimum time for a placement is 6 months

Banner advertisers spending over £50.00 per month, wil also get 5 credits per month, which can be used for any purpose.

We are not graphics artists, so it would be much better if you provide the graphic you wish to use.

Payment for Banner Advertising

There are a few options we can give you with regard to payment.

The preferred method of payment is online, through debit/credit card
We can also accept direct debit payments through GoCardless.

Pay pal is also an option.

We would also accept cheques (made payable to, or bank transfer.

Site Statistics for 2013

afors had 493,389 absolute unique visitors.

These visitors, came back to the site, on average three times per month, looking at an average of 8 pages each visit.

The average time spent during each visit was 4 minutes 33 seconds

In all, there were just under 14 million page views.

Alexa Statistics (snapshot taken 6 November 2014)

The Alexa ranking system (actually provided by Amazon), is an indication of the popularity of a website,

the lower the number, the more popular the site, with one being the most popular website on the planet. Global rank, is currently 195,972

The UK alexa rank of afors is currently 7,362. and 90% of afors traffic is from the UK and Ireland.

We are aware, that this rank is better than any other UK aviation site, even major magazine portals.

For example: BMAA and LAA Global ranks are 979,242 and 1,159,977 respectively. Both these sites UK rankings are so poor they dont even show up in the stats., the website of pilot magazine ,has a global alexa rank of 947,495 which to be perfectly honest is pretty poor going, their UK rank is now 63,376 .

The only real competitor to afors, in terms of pages served to users, is the flyer magazine website. Their alexa rank is currently 180,117, slightly better than afors. However, their UK rank is 14,049 which is actually much worse than afors. This tells me, that in fact a significant proportion of their traffic is Not actually from the UK and thus Not a fully targeted spend for your budget.

These numbers clearly indicate that AFORS actually has a much higher UK audience than the other portals.

Aslo, the advertising rates for are very competative compared to other websites.

for example for a 300*250px advert Pilot charges an astonishingly expensive £30.00 per 1000 impressions their minimum is 5000 impressions which will cost you £150.00, that will get 5000 impressions, but no guarantee of any click throughs.
The equivalent size banner in afors, works out at, wait for it, 6p per 1000 impressions, 5000 impressions would actually only cost 34 pence !!!!! again Highlighting the volume of page views afors actually gets.


The server, is also listed as being very fast, 92% of sites are slower than afors.

In fact I am actually working on improving this. I am testing afors's new server at the moment, and its working out as being in the top 5% fastest sites on the planet.

Hopefully this information will help to convince you that afors is a great investment when it comes to your advertising budget.

The rates for are very competative compared to other websites.

If you would like to speak to us about advertising, or have any questions or queries please contact me at

Thank you

Alex Paterson