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Visit the microlight hangar, for all things in the microlight world. See what the weather is like with this excellent site .
The British Microlight Aircraft Association. An excellent site for microlight aviation enthusiasts.
The Experimental Aircraft Association. The American version of the PFA. A large informative site.
Popular Flying Association
The Popular Flying Association. Quite a lot of information on the site - it has just been updated an looks a lot better for it.
International Lazy Bee - Homepage A site dedicated to the Lazy Bee model aircraft. Nice graphics and and useful information.
Leading Edge

A weightshift flying school based near l'Aude in France. Nigel spent an enjoyable week there in 1999. He experienced excellent, friendly, professional instruction and really great hospitality.


The Savannah is available as a "homebuild" kit, requiring approximately 400 hours for construction.


The UK General Aviation magazine.


FLYER is the magazine for pilots of light aircraft and for airline pilots who wish to remind themselves what real flying is all about!

Today's Pilot

For the flyer in all of us.

Robert McKellar Aviation

Training is available seven days a week, dawn till dusk, on both flexwings and fixed-wings. Maintenance facilities are also available.
For myself and Vivienne, the aim is simple - to provide a first class training facility with customer service as our number one priority!

learn to fly

Online shop with many features,
agents for Ozee, Lynx, Microavionics, secure credit card ordering system, and a fast turnaround.

learn to fly Sports aviation

Learn2fly Sport Aviation, operates from Lincoln. Although at this time we only have a weight-shift aircraft, Chris, our C.F.I. (Chief Flying Instructor) has many instructional hours on both types, a 3-Axis type will be available for training very soon. He will of course train on your own aircraft subject to certain criteria.

Silver Fern Microlights

Learn to fly a microlight,let your dreams take off Kolb Mk 3 Xtra now uk approved !!!!

Fly NI

Fly NI Airsports - Microlight flight training at Kernan Valley Flying Club. Based in Tandragee in Northern Ireland and convenient for students North and South of the border

Kernan Aviation

"Kernan Aviation is a flying school based at Kernan Valley Flying Club in Tandragee Northern Ireland specialising in tutoring in fixed-wing aircraft. A warm atmosphere and good social scene is a bonus. Trial flights and excellent pilot training available. Visit the site and give them a ring for a chat and further details."

Paul's Aerial adventures

Microlighting experiances

Have a look at some wonderfull Aircraft Pictures, see if you can Identify the types from the pictures

Boystuff Ltd

all the latest big boys toys

Elmers aviation clothing

Elmers motorcycle clothing, This comprehensive shop also has a section for aviation clothing

Tis just a fun little site with pilot stories, photo gallerys, weather feeds and plenty of other bits and bobs.



ANGLAIS-VOLANT MICROLIGHT SCHOOL offers flexwing flying training to UK, Eire and French students, in accordance with the UK NPPL microlight syllabus, based at La Baule airfield, South Brittany, France. Easy to reach by road/ferry, train, scheduled flights, we also offer flexwing conversion courses, licence restrictions removal, revalidations for expired licences, and advanced courses such as precision navigation, over-water, and minimum-weather flying. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE NOW OFFER COURSE ACCOMODATION - see the 'where to stay' page.