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Welcome to the Aircraft for Sale Website

afors, is a Microlights and Light aircraft for sale for Sale website which provides Aviation classified advertising. Registration is currently free. Placement of up to 3 adverts per month are free to individual users. You can create, ammend or replace your adverts all online in real time, including uploading up to 6 photographs and videos for each advert. Users can create up to 3 individual adverts per month, more than that, then you do have to buy credits.

Viewing Adverts

For easy browsing, the site is organized into sections that cover the most popular advertising and Aviation categories. There's also a comprehensive search facility that can be used to search for key words.

Creating and Maintaining Adverts

Just click on the create a listing link near the top left and follow the instructions.
It's dead easy.

Responding to an advert

There are two ways to respond to an advert.

You can Ask a Question

If the advertiser has permitted this facility, You may ask a question about the advert. This question will appear at the bottom of the listing. You do not have to register to do this, but you will need to verify some text from an image, to ensure no automatically generated stuff gets in.

The advertiser will be sent an e mail advising him of the question

You can also Contact the Advertiser Directly

So as to protect advertisers from e mail scammers, to contact the advertiser, you must now be a registered user and logged in. Once Registered and Logged in, You will be able to complete a form to contact the advertiser. Afors will send the advertiser an e-mail with the form contents, this will not be posted on the site, as it is deemed private. If you are an advertiser, please note that at this stage, if you reply to the e mail, that reply will go directly to the potential buyer, therefore you will be giving him your e-mail address, so be carefull when you reply, as scammers abound. I try and protect users as much a I can, but ultimately it is down to the users own dilligence.

Site Design

This site was designed with the help of the Adobe CS6 web suite. It uses modern web standards for the display structure, the programming language php version 5 and a mySQL database. it is best viewed using the Google Chrome browser. The original idea, was from a guy called Nigel Bell. I(Alex) have completely re-written the database, php code and html.

Free Adverts?

How and why is this service free ?

When I was learning to fly and looking to buy a microlight, there was virtually nothing available online. nics mirco pages existed now , the bmaa and the PFA sites existed, but the only real second hand listings service there was, was (afors). which at the time I was looking, was being offered up for sale. The original owner was moving on. It was listed on e bay, and unbelievably, no one wanted it. It was in danger of disappearing completely. So I made an offer, which was accepted.

Obviously there are ongoing costs involved, server and bandwidth are the biggest cost at 250.00 per month plus vat (there are two servers involved). and a further 40.00 per month to adobe, for using cs6. If I were to charge for my time in developing and running the site, I estimate that each advert should actually cost in the region of 25.00.

However, I was determined to keep it free, at least for the basic stuff. I rely on a number of other ways of bringing income to the site.

Not least of which is Donations from individual Advertisers. I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have made a donation.

Donations however, are not nearly enough to cover even the server costs, I did find myself out of pocket every month for quite a few years and a change in my circumstances meant I really was struggling to afford it.

So I developed the Banner advert system, added google adverts and featured listings then laterly the credit system, which now means that, at last, I am no longer out of pocket.

So basic listings will continue to be free, which was always the intention.