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Sold Sold Sold Van's Rv-3b For Sale ?35,000 adid = 10520

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Light Aircraft, For Sale

For Sale Van's RV-3b ?35,000

A rare opportunity to own a Vans RV-3b this is a single seat high performance aircraft.
It is very easy to fly and cleared for aerobatics, for equipment see photos, she was built and first flown in 2005, it has only 70hours on the engine and airframe from new, it will cruise easily at 135kts and climb at about 1500 fpm .
It is a truly awesome machine I have flown many of the RV series of aircraft and this is best of all but unfortunately it deserves to be flown more, so it?s time for someone else to have the time of their life. I have an RV-4 as well and it's just being gready keeping all this fun to myself.

If you are genuinely interested please call me Mark 07899915103
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