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Microlight/drone Engine Gilarooni 5w adid = 10792

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Engines & Props, For Sale | Gilarooni, 5W | ?210

This is the Gilarooni Flat twin 2-stroke engine.

I bought this off ebay for a project that never got started.

The previous owner said the engine was of a US Drone (I don't know what that is).

I do know it is a push motor, has a 24" prop, the carb is by Tillson of USA. Ignition by SEM Amal of Sweden.

Cylinders are stamped 2212D062 and the engines serial number is A1469AE.

The engine has good compression, but I cannot see any spark at the plugs when I turn it over. It has some kind of coaxial wire cutout - but I do not know how to wire it up.

Somebody could use this engine surely. I could post the engine at a cost of approx ?20.
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