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Visit Pattaya Airpark, In Pattaya/thailand adid = 11625

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Property, For Sale

The Pattaya Airpark Co., Ltd. would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you, what once was a dream, a concept, and now a reality, as the Pilot Village of Pattaya Airpark begins to take on not only a life, but a unique life style all its own. Where else can you build a home that has its own airport, your airport, and all the amenities one could wish for only minutes away, such as major shopping centers, restaurants, beaches, golf courses, boat harbors, and perhaps most important of all, medical facilities such as the top notch Bangkok Pattaya Hospital, all located only minutes away ? The answer is you can?t unless your home is located at Pattaya Airpark.
Send Neil Sawaetawong a Secure Message. Contact Details Neil +66 86 374 1718

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