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Three-axis Microlights, For Sale | Comco, C42/Eurofox | £3115.00

C42 Shares available, 1/18 shares available £3115.00 includes aircraft maintenance/servicing and insurance. £41 per month inclusive of hangarage, club membership, annual, landing fees etc. £50 per hour'''wet'''. Based in North Wiltshire, just off the M4. Share holders get their training at £90 per hour!! We are a small friendly club with two grass runways. No hidden costs! Aircraft complete with cabin heat 8.33 radio and transponder.These aircraft are new, and renewed every 5 years, shares are automatically transferred to a newer aircraft, so you are not flying an old heap! Three C42's used, so why not join and fly a new aircraft with no maintainence headaches.

Contact Graham Slater: 01672 515535
Mobile: 07831 350928
Send a Secure Message. Contact Details 01672 515535