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Medway Airsports Club - Come And Get It Cup adid = 12021

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Miscellaneous, Clubs & training

OK - the weather is warming and the itch to get out and fly is starting to really get to you, but where to fly to?


Medway Airsports Club have a nice shiny cup ready and available to claim for any visitor who wants to come and get it - a Come-and-get-it Cup

We have a few rules (and an alternate low-weight option to the Cup itself) and so we have created a Google Group for the Cup.

Please see this group for details and feel free to join.

We look forward to seeing you - and we WILL reclaim the cup as much as we can

Kirk Sutton
on behalf of the Medway Airsports Club
Send Kirk Sutton a Secure Message. Ask a Question


There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 Does that mean the nice shiney cup is free?

A1 No, it is a perpetual cup to be passed from pilot-to-pilot. Please see the linked group home for this cup. If you come and get it you have to let people know via the group site where the cup has moved and where it can now be claimed. Medway boys and girls will likely reclaim it (you get new visitors at your site) or anyone else. So think long and hard, if you take it away from Stoke (or whereever its current home is) it has to be claimable from an airfield others are allowed to visit.