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Engines & Props, For Sale | Rotax, Rotax 912ULS | ?8000

Engine sold.

Rotax 912ULS 100HP
Price ?8000 inc Vat. (?6956.52 +Vat)
Collection only.

The pre-owned 912ULS engine has been fully stripped, repaired and test run.
Standard 912ULS engine with standard starter & non slipper clutch gearbox.
It has a new crankcase, crankshaft with 66Hrs, barrels & pistons with 430Hrs.
Engine specification - TBO is 1500Hrs.
Engine looks like new.

Engine comes with Oil tank, but does not have a rectifier regulator or starter solenoid.
The engine is a standard 912ULS engine without slipper clutch, without Airguide hood, without exhaust system. It does not have a vac pump drive.
If you need any of these options it may be possible to install them at additional cost.
A detailed report showing all measurements taken (crankcase, bearings, pistons, bores etc etc) will be supplied.
All service bulletins have been checked and the records are fully up to date.
The engine will be supplied with the documentation on CD and an installation checklist.

Engine comes with 50Hr/6 months (whichever soonest), no consequential loss, back to base warranty. Warranty condition is the engine must be installed IAW the latest Rotax installation instructions, operated IAW with the operators manual, and serviced IAW the maintenance manual. A full installation check list (supplied) must be filled in and returned to us for our records.
The original engine logbook will be supplied with an entry detailing the engine repair.

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