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Cessna F172h, Shoreham, West Sussex, 1/20th Share adid = 12790

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Light Aircraft, For Sale | Cessna, F172H | ?2000.00

?2000.00 - ONO

Cessna 172, G-AWUZ. Based at Shoreham Airport, West Sussex. Well run and long established group of recreational pilots, 20 in group but aircraft has good availability all year round. Known as the 5% flying club as each member owns 5% of the equity. The group was set up to offer low cost flying to its members, and will continue to be run on this basis. More details at

* Internet booking system
* Garmin 295 full colour GPS
* Fully refurbished interior in leather (completed in 2008)
* IFR ready, 2 VORs, DME, Mode S transponder
* 450 hours on engine since full rebuild
* 4300 hours airframe
* Private C of A
* Approx ?5000 in bank

Costs ?40 per month + ?15 per hour dry. Fuel burn average 32Lts/hr
Send Neil Cook a Secure Message. Contact Details 07759 466713 Ask a Question


There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 Hello Neil, Do you still have a vacancy for this share? I am moving to Worthing next month, and have a lot of C172 time. I may well be interested in buying in. Please feel free to mail me at Thanks, Tom

A1 awaiting answer

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