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Microlight School In Central Scotland adid = 13502

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Weightshift Microlights, Clubs & training

Learn to fly Flexwings or 3-axis microlights in real comfort at the premier location in Central Scotland. With a walk-in/walk-out hanger (PERTH Airport), with a 3 runway layout (none shorter than 600m, 2 tarmac and one grass) you can learn to fly these great machines in the shortest time possible.

The Clubroom is heated, spacious and comfortable, with a self-service snack bar and kitchen, and having a great view over the tarmac it is the centre-point for an excellent social scene, where GA, Helicopter, Auto-Gyro and Microlight pilots intermingle, often to enjoy an informal barbeque and beer at the end of the day. Access is 24/7 for Club Members.

Training is on the Pegasus GT.450 and a QUIK.912S. We also have a Eurostar for ab initio and 3-axis conversion training. Training is accompanied by pre and post flight briefings (and theoretical training) conducted in spacious and well lit, dedicated classrooms.

The runway layout is especially notable, as with the very long, well maintained runways there is less time loss due to cross-winds, and no wind can be more than 30 degrees off the runway. At 853m, 620m. and 609m. in length learning to land is made a great deal easier than on the traditional, short grass strips used by many microlight schools. Have a look at the Scottish Aero Club Website for further details.

Interested in making it happen fast? Call Jim Houston on 07980 ? 306 ? 520 (daytime), or on 01324 ? 831-520 (evenings) for details.
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There are 2 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 Hi Jim im interested in getting a licence, im at stage 11 -12 ,flexwing and would be happy with a restricted flexwing licence,ive flown 15 hrs on instruction ,and flown 28 hours with a friend as P1, ive my own plane pegasus XL 447how much would you charge for lessons ,and would like to now how many approx,as i say im a confident flyer.cheers Andy Tollerton.

A1 Please call me on 07980 ? 306 ? 520 (daytime), or on 01324 ? 831-520 (evenings)and I'll discuss this with you. Jimmy

Q2 hi.i m intrusting in traning of microlight.tell me how is it possible. send me email on my

A2 awaiting answer

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