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Microlight Flying Equipment For Sale adid = 13580

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Miscellaneous, For Sale

I have advertised all my microlight flying equipment on ebay. Included is;

2 x Lynx helmets
2 x lynx headsets, wall charger and joining adapter,
1 x Garmin GPS III Pilot with panel mount,
1 x Icom IC-A20 air band tranceiver with VOR nav and wall charger,
2 x Flying suits,
1 x Boss ballast bag,
1 x selection of Rotax service tools including dial gauge, magneto flywheel puller assembly etc,
1 x lightweight life jacket
1 x wind gauge, small pocket size
1 x RAF military pilot flying suit - ideal for fine weather flying

To view these listings on ebay, click on 'advanced search' on the home page, then scroll down to the sellers section and type in 'wonkydonut' just after the word 'include' in the specific sellers section. That will list all the equipment above.
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