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Cherokee 140 Spares adid = 13619

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Parts For Aircraft, For Sale | Piper, Cherokee 140

Dismantling a Piper Cherokee 140. Engine not available. Mainly internal items, plus undercarraige oleos. Also have two scrap propellors, one with small stone nick, the other tastefully bent. Can become display items.
Photos available on request.
Parts are near Exeter and happy to bring purchased items to Exeter or Dunkeswell airfields.
Send Paul Tucker a Secure Message. Contact Details 07754442578 Ask a Question

There are 2 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 hi. I'am looking for 2 yokes to replace old ones. do you have 2? thanks. mike

A1 awaiting answer

Q2 Hi Do you have a spinner for sale? Regards Stu Brown

A2 awaiting answer