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G-avsc Piper Cherokee 180 Share - South West adid = 13622

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Fly-in, For Sale | Piper, Cherokee 180 | 4,500.00

?Sierra Charlie? is our PA28 180 based at Dunkeswell in South East Devon - with long hard runways you can go further all year round! Free skies and good ATS all around.

The hull insurance value for zero time is ?36,000 and an engine fund is maintained to pay for engine refurbishment.

June 2009: 8070 hours on the airframe, 989 hours on the engine since last major overhaul, just fully internally inspected and revised, new propeller fitted. New EASA C of A due in August 2009.

Fully IFR equipped with two nav/coms (VORs, ILS DME), Mode C, two altimeters. Full four place intercom (headphones or speaker), MP3 possibility in rear! Twin toe brakes. Electric trim. Cigar lighter to power personal hand held GPS.

One-eighth shares available at ?4,500 each; this includes a contribution to the engine fund. The basic costs are ?90 per month for parking and annual (this includes a temporary additional ?25 per month towards purchase of mode S), and ?30 (dry) per hour flown - ?9 of this goes to the engine replacement fund and the rest is for running costs like 50 hour checks and so on. Fuel is replenished to tabs after each flight and costs are based on Hobbs meter readings. Insurance costs are shared separately.

G-AVSC is currently (July 2009) being completely stripped down to bare metal and will be repainted in white and blue (final scheme to be decided). The cost of this is for existing syndicate members only. Internally, the seats have been reupholstered and the final result after its C of A in August 2009 will be one very smart touring aircraft.

The syndicate - obviously a friendly group - on a friendly aerodrome, uses Sierra Charlie for much more than just local flying! Group members club together and make extended trips in the UK and the ?near abroad?; France, Belgium, Germany and Spain. Nights away are by email consultation with the others. Sierra Charlie cruises comfortably at 120 knots and can carry four adults for over three hours. For example in 2007 we went to the South of France for a week with three up and luggage, La Rochelle first stop, 290 nm in two and a half hours. Or Prestwick at 283 nautical miles? Or??

A trial flight with an instructor from DSFT is possible, provided you pay all costs!

For further information contact:

? Paul Tucker on 0775 444 2578 (msindex at btinternet dot com)
Send Paul Tucker a Secure Message. Contact Details 0775 444 2578 Ask a Question
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