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Cirrus Sr-20 G3 Group Forming, Blackbushe Eglk adid = 14734

Aviation Photo number 10676
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Fly-in, For Sale | Cirrus Design Corpor, SR-20 G3 | ?13,500 inc VAT

After interest from a number of people I am looking at forming a new share group at Blackbushe based around a 2008 G-registered Cirrus SR-20 G3. There would be 12 members in an attempt to keep the share price at a reasonable level whilst preserving availability. Unlike schemes like the Cirrus147/Freeflight initiative, there are no limitations on the number of hours you can fly; this is simply a group of pilots owning the aircraft, managed by myself. Booking would be via an online booking system, with limitations on the number of consecutive bookings to preserve availability. The aircraft would have hard parking outside, and would have all-weather covers to protect it. The aircraft details are as follows:

Engine: Continental IO-360-ES, 200Bhp @ 2,700RPM
Propellor: Hartzell Constant Speed propellor
TTAF/TTAE: 130 flight hours
Certification: VFR day & night, IFR day and night (OCAS)


Cruise Speed: 140-150kts TAS (75% power)
Range: 785nm (55% power, with reserves)
MTOW: 1,383kg
Useful Load: 438kg
Fuel Capacity: 56 USG


Avidyne EX500/5000 PFD & MFD
Garmin GNS430W (x1)
Garmin GTX330 Mode-S Transponder
Garmin GMA340 Audio System with external audio input
S-TEC 55 Autopilot
E-TAWS (Enhanced Terrain Awareness)
Artex 406Mhz ELT
Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS)
Full leather interior

Extra Equipment/Accessories

Bose Aviation-X Headset x 2
Airframe and wing covers
Zeon PCAS (Collision Avoidance)
406Mhz PLB
Lifejackets x 4


Share price: ?13,500.00 inc VAT

Monthly Charge: ?100.00

Hourly Rate: ?100.00 per flight hour wet (taken off the aircraft's flight meter)

The prices are as low as possible whilst covering all known fixed costs, scheduled maintenance, engine and propellor overhaul/replacement funds, lifed item replacement and an additional allowance for unscheduled maintenance.

That's the basics of it, please feel free to drop me an e-mail to this address: "adrian at" and I shall get back to you as soon as possible.
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