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Cold Water Survival Course adid = 15001

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Miscellaneous, Clubs & training

I am running a Cold Water Survival session at Newcastle on the 16th November and have 3 spare places. Its a great course starting with classroom lectures covering the mechanics of cold water immersion then moving onto actions prior to ditching (always a talking point for flex wing pilots!). You'll use a variety of flares and smokes and run through dry drills. After lunch its into the 7m tank to put it all into practice. The pool work really drives home the message that you need to know what youre doing if you want to survive a ditching. If you have your own suits / jackets / dinghies its a great time to see how good (or bad) they are. The course is awarded the Merchant Navy Training Board certificate which is great for anyone who also sails around our shores.The cost is ?260 / head including lunch. If you fancy it just call or email me at cheers.
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