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North American Harvard-iib Canopies For Sale adid = 15007

Aviation Photo number 11088
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Light Aircraft, For Sale | North American, Harvard-IIb | ?750

I am cleaning out my workshop and have a set of Harvard-IIb canopies for sale.
Pilot's canopy good to fly today, rear canopy needs side glass panels only.
Windscreen frame and rear turtle panel good for parts and fittings.
Instrument shrouds are good as patterns or for static and heel runners are a mixed bag!
Will deliver if within 40 miles of Redhill.
Send Joe Picarella a Secure Message. Contact Details 01403 751959 Ask a Question

There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 Hi, Do you still have the Harvard parts for sale? Cheers, Mike

A1 awaiting answer

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