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Parts For Aircraft, For Sale | various, Tecnam & Rans

Following many years of aircraft building I have a selection of bits which may be useful:
1 pair light weight wheels & tyres axle and bearings for Tecnam P92 Echo used but fully servicable ?100 the pair.
2 New padded seat back envelopes for Rans S6 ?20 pair.
1 Upper cowl GRP nose doughnut for Tecnam P92Echo, used but easy to refurbish. ?20
1 Pair used but fully serviceable GRP main gear legs for Tecnam P92 EM Echo. ?150
1 New GRP coaming cover (above instr. panel) for Tecnam P92 echo ?10
2 Seats with cushions for Tecnam P92 Echo. ?30 the pair.
All above would attract postage at cost. Glad to provide pictures/ further info.
Send Michael Rudd a Secure Message. Contact Details 01963 210739
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