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Easy Raider 503 G-cchr. adid = 15383

Aviation Photo number 11670
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Three-axis Microlights, For Sale | Reality Aircraft, Easy Raider 503 (1) | ?8495.00 ono

SOLD thanks to AFORS SOLD Immaculate Easy Raider 2 seat microlight with the ubiquitous Rotax 503 DCDI fitted with a 3.47:1 reduction gearbox. ?8495.00 ono

Total time airframe and engine 85 hrs.
Max payload 450 kgs
Empty weight 211kgs giving 239 kgs useful load.
Full instrumentation, see photo.
Weight and balance till Jan 2013
Permit till Sept 2010
Cruise speed 70 mph
Stall speed around 30mph
Take off roll: Before you have fully opened the throttle (1 up)
Landing roll about 150 yards with full flap.

This is a great aircraft for loitering around, looking at the local scenery or visiting local fly ins and farm strips. Very easy to handle but challenging to fly well, so it keeps you on your toes, but not twitchy on landing with no tendency to ground loop.

Reluctant sale, but moving to group A aircraft.
Send Rod Etherington a Secure Message. Contact Details 07730 433183 01548 521397 Ask a Question

There are 3 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 Can you advise fuel capacity/endurance please?

A1 awaiting answer

Q2 Do the wings fold for transport and storage and if so is there a trailer

A2 awaiting answer

Q3 Just a shot in the dark and just in case you were considering a Jodel as your new group ?A? aircraft. I realize that I don?t know the reason or circumstances surrounding your wish to sell/change your aircraft or your budget. However, I have a Jodel for sale. My Jodel, G-BMYU, was advertised here on AFORS at the end of last year. I took it off AFORS for the winter and will be renewing the permit this month, with the intention of re-advertising it. I am looking to buy a high wing or flex-wing light aircraft or microlight. I have a genuine reason for selling my Jodel. My wife has a disability and has difficulty accessing and exiting my Jodel. Sadly she finds it almost impossible to get out of the Jodel, even after just a short jolly. Also, I am unable to easily pull the a/c in and out of the hangar. The hangar doors are not wide enough to easily accommodate a Jodel being removed or replaced from or to the hangar and it has to be ?jiggled?, not easy to accomplish on your own. Additionally, there is a slope up to the doors and on rough ground to boot! I am hoping to ?have a deal? with someone and to take a Part Exchange, with cash either way, on a high wing STOL light aircraft or microlight that is considerably lighter and more manageable to lug around than the Jodel. Please let me know if my a/c is of any interest to you. Thanks, Tony. (07970) 535551.

A3 awaiting answer

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