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Renshler Sol7g Paragliding / Hang Gliding Vario adid = 15744

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Instruments, electrical & Avionics, For Sale | Renschler, Sol 7G | ?50

Renschler Sol 7G vario/altimeter with the following features:
x Solar powered
x GPS connection
x Vario accoustic, visual + Average
x 3 Altimeters (Plus QNH,QFE,FL setting function)
x Speed to fly, glide ratio to next waypoint
x Stopwatch, flight time
x Flight Log PC Interface software
x Airspeed connectable (no ASI included, I tried it but it didn't really work, GPS much more useful)
x In excellent condition suitable for paraglider or hang glider.
x Comes with hang glider bracket, manual and Renschler padded carry pouch.
Call me if you need any more details etc.
Send Chris Creasey a Secure Message. Contact Details Chris on 07966 198327 or 01223 424449 Ask a Question