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Breaking Rallye 100st Sorry This Item Is Sold. adid = 15793

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Parts For Aircraft, For Sale

Breaking Rallye 100ST

I'm having the engine and some instruments. All the rest is available.
Canopy in good condition
Transponder working
Radio working but a bit iffy
Wheels tyres and brakes in good order
Aircraft not being scrapped due to corrosion.
Complete airframe would make a great gate guardian or garden feature (great for the kids to play in)or even element in paintballing game.

Thanks for looking this item is now sold.
Send David Howell a Secure Message. Contact Details 07793 814235 Ask a Question

There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 Hi what price are you asking for the complete canopy? Are you prepared to sell individual panels? Also where are you located? Many thanks, Paul.

A1 awaiting answer