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For Sale Learjet 23 adid = 16130

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Fly-in, For Sale | LEARJET, 23 | 40000

For sale Learjet 23

?At this time the airplane is without docs.

Could be a very good airplane for a maintenance school., or a part out candidate. Here its what i know from the last owner and airport autorithy:

Last flight was around 1994. The plane was in a hangar up to 2007 with engine run ups done by a mechanic from time to time, at this time the hangar was sold and she was stored outside with their covers but inside a secure area, the bird is complete.

One engine was 50 hours SMOH and the other one was more or less in the midle.
The airplane is located in France. If needed i will disassemble the plane and i will put it into a container for you, or i can assist your crew if you want to supervize the operation.

Please contact the owner directly 33 6 63 53 78 02
Send JC CALABUIG a Secure Message. Contact Details CALABUIG