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Colomban Mc 100 Plans For Sale adid = 16184

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Fly-in, For Sale

Colomban " Banbi " MC 100 Plans for sale
Registered set of MC100 plans for sale , 2 seat side by side aluminum aircraft
They consist of
36 large sheets of plans
Banbi build manual ( French ) . I also converted the pages to "Word" in preparation for doing a translation so that is in electronic format .
I also set up a list of all part numbers cross referenced with sheet numbers and their English translation ( almost complete but needs final checking ) - Many hours of work already done
Cri Cri build Manual ( French )
Hand file with material sources , some smaller drawings and further collected info
Electronic format ( disc )photos of aircraft and parts collected from the net
200Kg / 440 lbs empty
Max weight 450 Kg / 990 Lbs
Motor 80 Hp Rotax
Stall ( flaps ) 49 Kts / 56 Mph @ 450 Kg / 990Lbs
VNE 184 Kts / 211 Mph
Max 165 Kts / 190 Mph
Cruise 156 kts / 180 Mph
10 mins from trailer to flight
Some parts available from France
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