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Whittaker Mw6t With Three Blade Arplast Sold adid = 16379

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Three-axis Microlights, For Sale | Whittaker, MW6 | ?1,200

Now sold.

Two seat Whittaker MW6 microlight with 375 hours total time. Superb visibility from tandem seating arrangement. Features simple, reliable aircooled Rotax 503 and expensive three bladed Arplast composite prop. Offered at ?1,200 without permit or ?1,500 with new permit.
Send Gary Chater a Secure Message. Contact Details 07779 571980 Ask a Question

There are 6 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 Hi Is this still for sale ? thanks.

A1 awaiting answer

Q2 Hi, is the microlight still for sale?

A2 awaiting answer

Q3 Would you take ?1200 for it with a Permit ?

A3 Not at present, thank you. There are a number of interested parties and I feel the aircraft is already priced very fairly. Below this level it would make more sense to just unbolt the high value items (engine and prop) for sale as separate parts.

Q4 Is this aircraft still for sale?

A4 It is still for sale, but there are a couple of viewings coming up next week.

Q5 Presuming its still for sale; where is it located?

A5 The aircraft is located in South Oxfordshire.

Q6 I think this is a plane I fancied buying a year or two ago, isn't it? If so, it needed a repair to a corroded plate. Is this the plane; have you done the repair? Presumably it would be documented? Gosh, I must tell you that I really fancy buying your MW6, but am confused. Isn't it now in Lithuania. Good luck with the sale Best wishes Peter

A6 awaiting answer