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Navman 5" Gps + Oziexce, Tomtom + Lots Maps. ?165 adid = 16827

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Instruments, electrical & Avionics, For Sale | Navman, Mio S505 | ?165

Unlocked Navman Mio S505 with 2GB internal memory, 8GB micro SDHC card and adapter, car charger, USB cable, suction mount, bright 5" 480x272 screen, with various software installed:

OziExplorerCE 2.33 with current (I think or very recent) CAA 0.5mil charts, some Jepperson French charts and complete set of UK OS 50K Landranger Maps. Provides moving map, route navigation functionality, tracking. Screens can be designed on the PC to suit your needs.

TomTom V7 with various V8xx maps installed: Western and Eastern Europe, US, Canada, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand.

LK8000 (XCSoar derivative) with UK topology and airspace data installed.

Native Navman Mio Car Sat Nav software (looks like and iGo8 OEM) with UK and Ireland maps installed.

I originally bought two of these, one for car and one for flying, but found I only need one, so am selling one. I bought it as a Factory Repack and it is unused by me in the original packaging and like new. The one I use is a great unit and gets used all the time, both in the air, Microlight and PPG, and on the ground in the car and when walking/cycling too.

Price includes shipping.

Tel: 07790 684791
Location: Nottingham.
Send Richard Maher a Secure Message. Contact Details 07790 684791
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