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AutoGyros, For Sale | Friend RA | ?8000

Single seat Aytogyro built in 1997. Powered by Rotax 532. Excellent condition. Pre-rotator and horizontal stabilzer added and approved. New altimeter and ASI fitted. Complete with road tailer, Lynx helmet/headset/interface/PTT & ICOM ICA20 radio. Seat also re-upholstered. Requires re-permitting. Selling because switched to 2 seat machine. Hangared in Yorkshire.
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Q1 i currently have 2 adverts running on afors for a single seat gyro wanted,how far from rufforth are you and i can fly over and take a look streight away.or anytime between now and the weekend,the cash is propper burning a hole in my pocket and i don't want to start lessons 'till i have a machine to go solo with

A1 awaiting answer

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