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Fuji Fa200-180vp Based Blackbushe Share For ?2500 adid = 17286

Aviation Photo number 16006
Views so far = 10217

Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Fuji, FA200 | ?2500

The Fuji is an ideal 4 seat aircraft for both a new PPL pilot or experienced aviator.
This well organised group has many friendly members willing to share trips.

The plane has all the radio navigation aids for IMC
And a fitted GPS map as back up for those longer VFR flights

The strong well built airframe and Variable Pitch Propeller are perfect for exploring fun aerobatics and gaining general handling experience.

Internet bookings are made on The Hangar?s Aircraft Booking System.

70% Cruise TAS 105kt: Max wt 2535lb: Empty wt 1636lb
Full fuel 312lb (197lt @ approx 40lt/hr)

?80 per month and ?105 per hour wef 1Jun2012
(Quarterly group account reviews and a substantial engine fund)

Please contact Derek Smee for a chat about this group which has been in existence for over 30 years.
Send Derek Smee a Secure Message. Contact Details 07525 213211