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1999 Cessna Citation Excel adid = 17452

Aviation Photo number 14963
Aviation Photograph 2
Aviation Photograph 3
Aviation Photograph 4
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Larger aircraft, For Sale | CESSNA, CITATION EXCEL | $702,000

General Information
RVSM Equipped, CESCOM, No Damage History, Allied Signal TCAS II w/Change 7

Detailed Description

Landings: 2057

Total Time Since New: 2954 / 2954
Total Time Since Hot: 454/454

Total Time Since New: 902 Hours
Honeywell Primus 1000 3-Tube EFIS / AP
Dual Honeywell TR-850 Comms
Dual Honeywell NV-850 Navs
Dual Honeywell DF-850 ADF
Dual Honeywell DM-850 DME
Dual Honeywell AA-300 Radar Altimeter
Dual Honeywell XS-852B Transponders
Universal UNS-1CSP FMS
Artex 110-4 406 MHZ ELT
Fairchild A200S CVR
Allied Signal TCAS II w/Change 7
Allied Signal EGPWS
Primus 880 Weather Radar
Magnastar C-2000 Flight Phone
JAA Flight Data Recorder
Overall White with Green, Maroon, and Gold accent stripes. (1999).
Nine passenger seats in a center club configuration with seven seats and a two place couch directly across from the main cabin door. Forward dividers, dual executive tables, and six under seat storage drawers. All cabinets in Walnut Burl veneer. Cabin entertainment includes Airshow, dual DVD, 10? Cabin monitor, three plug in monitors. Indirect cabin lighting. (1999)
Inspection Status:
Allied Signal RE-100XL APU
76 Cubic Ft. Oxygen
12,331.8 lbs Empty Weight. You can reach Thomas at
Send Thomas Benthly a Secure Message. Contact Details +447045760894