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2001 Cessna Citation Encore adid = 17454

Aviation Photo number 14968
Aviation Photograph 1
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Larger aircraft, For Sale | CESSNA, CITATION ENCORE | $1,750,000

General Information
Dual UNS-1E FMS, ESP Gold, Proparts, Cescom. Price Reduced!

Detailed Description
For sale by owner.

2766 TT SNEW
3429 Landings
Engine Specs:
279 hours since Hot Section by Pratt & Whitney KBVT,
5000 hour TBO. Manufacturers program. On Pratt And Whitney Eagle Service Plan- GOLD.
Lifeport Plus Single EMS System-converts from full corporate configuration to Life saving EMS in under one hour.
Flight Director- Primus 1000 Integrated Avionics System
Autopilot - Primus 1000
Air Data System- Dual Honeywell AZ-850
Flight Management System- Dual Universal UNS-1E -SOCN 802.7
FMS Remote Tuning Unit -RTU1055
Permanent DTU -DTU100- Zip
Comm Transceiver -Dual Collins VHF422A
Nav Receiver - Dual Collins VIR432
ADF -Single Colllins ADF462
DME -Dual Collins DME442
ATC - Dual Collins TDR-94D
Comm/Nav/TDR Control - Dual Collins RTU4210
Audio Control - Dual Avtech 5636-1
Audio Interface - Dual Collins AIU4000
Color Weather Radar - Honeywell Primus 660
TCAS II Change 7 - CAS67A
Radar Altimeter - single Collins ALT-55B
High Frequency Comm. - Honeywell KHF-950
Selcal - Terra 2800-0012
Cockpit Voice Recorder - Fairchild A200S
Airphone - Magnastar C2000
EGPWS - Honeywell MK VII/ windshear
Stormscope - BFG WX950
Secondary Flight Display- Meggitt Mark II
Cabin Briefer -PBS250A
Electronic Flight Bag -CMC CMA-1100
Weather Advisory System- WSI AV-300
Emergency Locator Transmitter- Artex C406-2-3 with Nav interface.
VHF FM Tranceiver - NAT NPX138
Standby HSI - HSI315A
Additional Equipment:
Devore Tail recognition Lights, Lifeport EMS equipment, Rosen Sunvisor Rail, RA triggered Pulselites,
Lo-presti Boom Beam Wingtip lights, WSI weather advisory System interfaced to CMC1100 EFB.
Operational Spares inventory included.
overall Matterhorn white fuselage with Blue stripes and desert sand lower fuselage and wings.
Stone color leather seats and Moss color carpet, Figured Walnut cabinetry, Parchment color headliner, Satin almond Gold hardware, sidewalls color Tussah.
Seating -7 place plus aft lavatory belted potty.
four place club with two card tables, aft are two forward facing seats with 2 card tables, and a right hand aft facing. The Left forward galley has two Hotpots, Right forward Bulkhead has a Spirent Cabin Display. Ceiling mounted Crew telephone handset and chairman's position handset. 110 VAC power outlets 4 in Cabin and 2 in cockpit. Dual Telex Airman 850 Headsets
Glareshield PTT's
Inspection Status:
Phase 5 completed-Dec. 2009 .
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