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Any Cheap Flexwing Considered ***look*** adid = 17853

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Weightshift Microlights, Wanted | pegasus flash , XL Q alpha

I am about to pass my microlight exam, and need a cheap flexwing to get flying in.

I live in Yorkshire, but can arrange to pick up the aircraft anywhere in the UK if nesecarry.

Preferably want a cheap flexwing with an Airworthness certificate, 2 seater, with a trailer, if you've got radios, GPS etc to sell I can buy these too. All the above points are negotiable, I'll take anything if the price is right. I just want to get flying in something, if I get to take a friend with me all the better!

I am new to aviation so the aircraft will be carefully looked at by an aircraft mechanic.

I have the money waiting so show me what you've got.... 07854136000

Send gwilym hayman a Secure Message. Contact Details 07854136000 Ask a Question
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