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Pa-28 Cherokee 180 Parts For Sale adid = 17873

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Parts For Aircraft, For Sale | PIPER, PA-28 180

Various PA-28 parts for sale.

Description Part No

Engine Cowl ? Top 63750-06
Engine Cowl ? Bottom 62988-04
Lower cowl cross plate 65455-00
Spinner 14422-00
Spinner back plate 63717-00
Flywheel/starter ring 462-112
Nose wheel & axle 551-766
Main wheels and discs x 2 551-764
Flaps LH 65591-00
Flaps RH 65591-01
Air filter assembly 62989-00
Elect fuel pump 48166
Fuel strainer assembly 62301-03
Ignition barrel plus 2 keys 10-357210-1
VSI 700T
Propeller & bolts 76EM855-0-60
Cigar lighter
Transponder KT 78 TSO
VOR glide slope KI 204
Course selection indicator K1 211C
Wheel fairings x 3 sets 65203-03 Main R/H
65203-02 Main L/H
65348 Nose
Rear seats 99385-01 Rear Right
99385-00 Rear Left
Oil cooler 18622-00
Engine Controls
Wing tips x 2 LH 78022-00
RH 78022-01
ASI 800 T
EGT & Loom 202A -113
Engine instrument cluster
Nav/Com KX 175B TSO
Tail fairing top
Tail fairing lower 99519-02
Elevator trim barrel
Elevator trim 63585-00 Left
Elevator wing tips x 2 63584-10
Engine cooling baffles 99225-00 Left front
39577 Right front
Baggage door 66793-10
Battery box assembly 35202-00
Piper Autocontroller III
Fuel gauges
Switch block
Wing LH ? Good condition 66601-06
Wing RH ? Slight damage 66601-07
Fuel system & tanks
Control Cables
Flap mechanism
Exhaust mufflers x 2
Exhaust shrouds
Fuselage bulkhead
Door trims
Side trim
Wheel spats x 3
Wing leveler
Engine ducting

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