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Aerosport Scamp Project - 95% Complete adid = 18114

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Light Aircraft, For Sale | Aerosport (homebuild, Scamp | ?8,000 ono

For sale - a very tidy and well-crafted Aerosport Scamp homebuild. Sadly, ill-health has meant that my father is unable to finish this project - it is offered approx. 95% complete.

Please call or use Q&A for more information. Many thanks.
Send John Chisholm a Secure Message. Contact Details 07803 246357 Ask a Question

There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 The Scamp was my 1st plane! What a load for fun it was! Somebody will end up with a plane they will love from this ad!

A1 Many thanks for your interest - it's great that this plane has such great memories for you! Hopefully someone will enjoy this one just as much!! Best wishes, John.

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