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Brand New Pooleys Fb2 Flight Board adid = 18312

Aviation Photo number 16301
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Miscellaneous, For Sale | ?13.00 Inc P&P

Brand New Pooleys FB2 Flight Board (RRP ?18.99 plus P&P).

Features: This popular flightboard is rigid in construction and finished in durable leather grain PVC. Ideal for the retention and display of folded Topographical and Radio Charts, Handling / Approach Plates, Frequency Lists and Airways Flight Log Pads.

Reverse side incorporates loops and pockets to hold up to 4 Chinagraph / lead pencils or pens and a protractor plus plotter. Includes strong metal spring clip wit hanging eye and corner grips, reinforced eyelet to retain stopwatch holder and clear plastic flip-over protective cover on front.

Printed white lettering detailing a comprehensive useable Flight Log, Selected Transponder Codes, Phonetic Alphabet, Quadrantal and Semi-Circular rules and Mnemonic Vital Actions and Downwind Check Lists.

Condition: Brand New. Some very minor storage marking where flight boards have been stacked on top of each other.

The item shall be sent Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded. I obtain proof of posting and the successful bidder will be required to sign for the item on delivery.

Price: ?13.00 inclusive of P&P to UK Mainland adress.
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