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Gyrocopter Instruction,cumbria +other Locations. adid = 18340

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AutoGyros, Clubs & training

Roger Savage Gyroplanes for the best in Gyrocopter Flight Training and Air Experience Flights, from our beautiful airfield at Berrier near Ullswater in the Lake District and less than ten minutes drive from J40(M6)at Penrith.

Fly with one of the most experienced Gyrocopter Pilot/Instructors in the UK - with more than 35+ years flying these fantastic aircraft.

Great training rates,from Ab-initio through to Advanced Flight Instruction and pre-instructor course flight training.Fly around the mountains and valleys with an Alpine-rated instructor.

Air Experience Gyrocopter flights in beautiful Cumbria/Lake District/Yorkshire Dales.

Gyrocopter flying holidays available, for complete beginners and also for those with existing licences and maybe their own gyrocopter as well,who want to come and take advantage of Roger's 8.000+hours of flying experience for some advanced flying - or just to have fun!.

Our own gyrocopters include both MT03 Turbo and MagniM16c Turbo

We have superb self-catering accommodation right next to the strip,here in the Lake District,complete with fantastic views.Great walks, Mountains,Lakes and pubs nearby.
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Conversions from; Heli/Micro/Aeroplane/glider/ATPL/Military licences.

Flight training,by arrangement anywhere in the UK or Overseas - Your aircraft or mine.

Good selection of low-time pre-owned twin seater gyroplanes nearly always available.(see Autogyros for sale section of AFORS).

Totally unbiased advice on what type of gyrocopter is best for you,with no ties to any manufacturer.

Check out;
FaceBook;'Roger Savage Gyroplanes'
Call Roger on 07836 272033 or 017684 80416 for more details.
Send Roger Savage a Secure Message. Contact Details 017684 83859 0r 07836272033