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Cherokee 140 Dissmantled For Spares Or Rebuild adid = 18533

Views so far = 2669

Parts For Aircraft, For Sale | Piper, PA28-140 | OFFERS

Aircraft dissmantled as lost hangar space. Engine was zero timed nil hours run, complete but NO PAPERWORK good for LAA project. All control surfaces with new paintwork. Please take a look. Would prefer to sell complete but might sell engine seperately for LAA purposes. Airframe as spares.
or complete. All questions answered.
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There are 3 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 What engine is fitted and do you have any paperwork at all for it or the name of the overhaul company who will have records.

A1 awaiting answer

Q2 How much for the parcel shelf?

A2 awaiting answer

Q3 is it still for sale ?

A3 awaiting answer

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