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Tecnam P-2002 Jf adid = 18859

Aviation Photo number 17288
Views so far = 5678

Fly-in, For Sale | Tecnam, P-2002 JF | 57,500 EUR

Current C of A until Oct 2011

Speed, Comfort and Power,

Sip Mogas at 14 L/PH

Cruise at over 100 kts

760 Hours TT, Rotax 912S2

Total Useable Fuel 99 liters
Approved Fuel
Ron 95
EN 228 Premium
EN 228 Premium Plus
Avgas 100LL (limited use advised)

Intercom --------------------Flight Com 403
VHF NAV REC AND VHF COMM -----Bendix King KX 125
VOR/LOC Indicator-------------Bendix King KI 208
Transponder ---------------Bendix King KT 76
Turn & Bank -------------United INST. 5934T100-72
Directional Gyro------------RCA ALLEN INST 11A-8
Magnetic Compass ------------Airpath C2400L4P
Altimeter---------------United INST. 5934PM-3A84
Rate of Climb--------------Mikrotechina UL30-42.2
Vacum Art. Horizon ------ RCA Allen INST RCA 22-7
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