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Pegasus Quantum 582 ***now Sold*** adid = 19273

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Weightshift Microlights, For Sale | Pegasus, Quantum | ?5995

Pegasus 582 For Sale.
A well looked after and maintained aircraft.

409Kg MAUW
New permit for next 12 months
Weight report done Aug 2010
300 hours service on wing zero hours ago
Top end service/decoke done zero hours ago
Crank bearings checked and well within tolerances.
Carbs balanced
Above engine work carried out by Airmasters
Twin EGTs
Fuel gauge
Twin ignition
Heated carbs (stripped and rebuit with many new components less than 20 hours ago)
All mods up to date
Always hangared, fully rigged

Wing bag, batten bag and high power exhaust included in sale.

Only reason for selling is a move to fixed-wing.
Send Andy Ransom a Secure Message. Contact Details 01778 570892