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A Good Read For All Aviators? adid = 19330

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Miscellaneous, For Sale | Self Published, Aviation Book | ?12.50 inclusive of postage

A good read about a CIVILIAN pilots flying career over 40 years against the medical odds!

The book title, "Unfit to Fly?", sums up the content of this publication nicely for the author has achieved and enjoyed a varied aviation career as a civilian pilot despite a medical condition which threatened to curtail his flying before it had even began. Had the Civil Aviation Authority had its way, this book would never have been written.

The theme of the book is one of determination to succeed against the odds, overcoming several periods of redundancy which ironically has made the writer?s flying more varied and interesting. It is hoped that readers will be given encouragement to pursue a career in flying even if they have had a poor start to life; if you want to succeed, you can, provided you put in the effort and study hard. There is also a flight safety element to the book as Hugh has been happy to reveal some remarkably lucky escapes which he hopes will help to prevent similar incidents happening to other pilots.

He has also created and developed a small airstrip in south Shropshire at ?Milson? which he is proud to declare as his legacy to aviation. His efforts to overcome planning difficulties are given a particular emphasis.

Anyone wishing to fly will find this book interesting and useful, but if you can already, it will be an interesting read about someone else?s flying history. Enjoy it.

Hugh Thompson was born to a country farming family at Milson in South Shropshire and was educated at Hightree House, Lentwardine, Aymestrey School, near Worcester, and Lucton School, near Leominster in Herefordshire. Fascinated about flying from the age of 11 having seen the X-15 Rocket Plane on film, he learnt to fly at Shobdon airfield in Herefordshire shortly after leaving school and has had a varied career in aviation ever since; flying aircraft as diverse as the De Havilland Beaver, Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer, Twin Otter and the Shorts SD 360; acquiring over 12000 Hours to date. He continues to fly occasionally as a part time instructor and currently lives with his partner Wendy near to Ludlow in England. He hopes to find a new employment connected with aviation, and is prepared to be grounded for good if need be!

Send e mail to for further datails and or your full postal address. Happy to receive payment AFTER you have had the book. I trust aviators!
Send Hugh Thompson a Secure Message. Contact Details +44 (0) 7702077996
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