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Pilot Holidays adid = 19692

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Miscellaneous, Clubs & training

Imagine the fun you can have learning to fly a floatplane whilst having a holiday in beautiful Lagos, Portugal.
You sort a cheap flight to Faro and we can arrange the car hire, accommodation and of course the flying. Bring your family and let them relax whilst you fly and join them later in the day.
Typical costs for low season are:-
* Quality two bedroom apartment near the airport EU 250.00
* Car Hire low season one week (you will be met at Faro
airport) . EU 90.00
* 5 hours of training on the X-Air float plane EU 695.00
* Temp membership on the Aero Club and insurance EU 35.00
Total cost of holiday excluding flights only EU 1 ,070 *
* Costs vary slightly with the time of the year - please ask for full details.
This is a professional flight school that has operated for over 26 years and if you fancy learning to fly Flexwing or 3 axis we have a choice of planes waiting for you from a 912 Quik,Standard X-Air or Pioneer 200.

How many of your pilot friends have a "floatplane" in their log book! - Join this exclusive band of aviators now.

For the complete picture please visit
Algarve Airsports Centre, Lagos, Portugal
Telephone (351) 916 531 689
email :-
Send Gerry Breen a Secure Message. Contact Details Dave Norwood

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