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Ppl Training From ?75/hour Wet!- No Catches adid = 19702

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Light Aircraft, Clubs & training

PPL (TMG)training available in Slingsby T61 Motorglider from Hinton in the Hedges (near Oxford) just ?75 hour wet dual. Solo Hire ?65 hour.

The cheapest way to a PPL is to do a PPL(TMG) then do difference training to SEP.

PPL (SEP) training in PA38, Cessna 150, and PA28 from ?125 hour (wet) inculding all landings at base. Experienced instructor and examiner.

UNBEATABLE rates on PA28, PA38, and Cessna HIRE especially for hour builders. Full IFR on PA28 and available for European Touring. Membership ?95 per year. Excellent availability. Long established club. Nice clubhouse just refurbished. Call Clive for details on 01295 812775 at PILOT FLIGHT TRAINING (Hinton)
Send Chris Alexander a Secure Message. Contact Details 01295 812775