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Parts For Aircraft, For Sale | 26.00

The VFR Flight Guide Ireland 2011 is the top selling pilots guide in Ireland. Since 2006 over 2000 pilots have been using this book. The NEW 2011 version makes it even easier to successfully navigate to the 167 airfields throughout Ireland, North and South.

It would make an ideal gift for anyone interested in aviation.

It is the ONLY Irish flight guide to contain both Photos and Maps allowing the pilot to easily locate the airfield and provides on ONE page, all the information the flyer will need.

It is the ONLY Flight Guide approved by the Irish Aviation Authority. (IAA)

"You will find herein all the information needed on every useful airfield and airport on the island, with comments and helpful information not only about fuel and landing distances etc., but also about other vital mission support aspects -" Brigadier General W. Paul Fry. (Irish Air Corps)

It is available from
for only ?29.95 plus P&P
Send Kevin Glynn a Secure Message. Contact Details Kevin Glynn +353 86 6002300

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