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Purple Aviation North East England adid = 20130

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Three-axis Microlights, Clubs & training | From ?2700

The aim of Purple Aviation is to give access to high quality, fully maintained and affordable aircraft for existing pilots and flight training for beginners looking to enjoy recreational aviation.

For potential pilots:
Our affordable flight training could see you gain your National Private Pilot's Licence for less than ?3000. We offer training on both fixed wing (conventional style) and flex wing (hang glider style) aircraft.

Book a trial flight today and enjoy the magic of flying!

30 minute Trial Flights ?70

For qualified pilots:
We currently operate two EV-97 Eurostar fixed wing aircraft which are available for our syndicate members to fly for ?13ph wet (yes ?13ph!). This is only to cover the fuel you use.

The costs to join our syndicate are:
5 years ?6792 + ?70/month
3 years ? 4889 + ?70/month (available at management discretion)
Monthly payments are to cover hangarage, maintenance and insurance.

Our Eurostars cruise at 100mph and have a range of over 500nm.

We are also adding an Ikarus C42B to the syndicate later this yea. This aircraft will be available to all members with appropriate type training.

Our aircraft can be flown on JAR PPL (A), NPPL (SSEA) and NPPL (M) licences with appropriate type training.

Check out our Facebook group for news, offers and promotions.
Send Purple Aviation a Secure Message. Contact Details Storm Smith