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Microlight Lessons. Ga Airfield adid = 20225

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Weightshift Microlights, Instruction | , | 89.00

Microlight flight lessons
As seen on BBC 1
Program as seen on 28 february at pm on Saints and Scroungers ( I am a saint before you ask)

School aircraft Quick 912

Based at Netherthorpe airfield Worksop Notts
We train solely on flexwing microlight school aircraft Quick 912 a backbone of flexwing training. courses from intense week courses to train when you can course.
With the schools flexwing simulator training time is saved by making airtime savings also ideal when weather not suitable for flying to carry on with preflight briefs on the simulator and drill''''s are rehearsed.

Cross country training navigation on the simulator can be practiced in real time flying over the route you will be sent on with simulator we can even program in a engine failure( not always) so sometime in the flight you may experience engine failure so giving you confidence in your drills to cope with the situation in real time

The aim of the school is to get you through to your GST as quick and as you skill level of learning will allow thats why we keep are prices as competitive as we can.

Microlight flight lessons (the school was featured on the BBC in January 2012)

BBC filmed again last November 2012 this is about the school and the innovations in training, the program the program was shown on Feb28 on Saints and scroungers.

Free 3 month membership to Sheffield aeroclub Microlight flight lessons.

Flexwing flight simulator
Training on our new flexwing simulator developed by Dr.Peter Ensinger ( Dragons Den the first entrepreneur to get all five dragons after him) ( upgraded to a 6 PROJECTOR SYSTEM FULL WALL VIEWS ALSO POSITIVE FEED BACK BAR THIS SYSTEM IS THE ONLY ONE OF ITS KIND IN THE UK) , pod mounted monitor showing pod instruments. This is used for preflight briefs and cross country training, saving time in the air and thus money, one of the first in UK if not the first seated in a full size pod.The simulator will have some new new programs loaded will will not be available to any other school and will be total unique to Microlight flight''''s school.


By the flying hour £89.00 dual £60.00 solo total 2 hours including pre-flight brief & post flight de-brief.{ all lessons are paid up, one hour in advance}

We can use the flight simulator on all pre-flight briefs,( this training is not recognised by BMAA) this saves time in the air, also if weather prevents flight, we can get through the syllabus, in the virtual world, this gets the drills perfected, ie on circuit and emergency drills, also cross country training in real time with the real weather of the day programed, saves time and money in the air with the instructor sat at the side of you and with the pause button {oh wish we could have that in the air}can correct any navigation errors in the classroom, then we fly the course for real, navigating over the real country side having already seen the route in virtual, all the stress is removed leaving more time for advanced navigation training, normaly reserved for experience pilots.Please note that this is a training aid and is used along side standard briefs which follow strictly to the BMAA guidelines.

Estimated cost of learning to fly 25 hours Unrestricted £1950.00 paid plus £450.00 for tests

Restricted license £1450.00

{does not include tests}

Training on Quick 912

Ground schools free through microlight flights software through are dedicated ground school computer self teach station

Many more innovations in the pipeline designed to make learning easier and cheaper for the student.

At microlight flights the aim is to get you through in 27 hours { most in about 30 hours} to gain your microlight unrestricted licence.{the last two hours pre gst training}


Phone instructor direct mobile 07794838540
Office 01909 530 533
Send david buck a Secure Message. Contact Details 07794838540