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Train On Your Own A/c By Cfi/gr Examiner (3 Axis) adid = 20441

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Miscellaneous, Clubs & training

I have received several enquiries by student pilots especially from Ireland, to train them on their own aircraft, at their local airfield, subject to local regulations, so I am now offering this as an alternative to training at a school location.

The costs are very straight forward, and are a cost effective alternative to the conventional training undertaken on a schools aircraft, at the schools premises.

Flight training is charged at ?/? 45 per flight hour, a one hour flight lesson takes approximately two hours, consisting of a pre-flight briefing covering the forth coming lesson, the one hour lesson, and a post-flight briefing.

Ground school is charged at ?/? 25 per hour, this rate also applies for NPPL Ground Exams; all of these prices are plus expenses.

So for example, if you or a group wanted to book ten hours flight training over the period of a week, the cost would be ?/? 450, plus my travel and accommodation cost, as you can see that could be an attractive alternative to booking ten hours with a school.

If you would like any further information, don?t hesitate to give me a call 00351 919133011 or email at cfi at

Fly safe

Phill CFI/G/R Examiner

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