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1/11th Share Piper Cherokee Pa28-180 Based Barton adid = 20810

Aviation Photo number 20606
Views so far = 7042

Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Piper, PA28-180 | Negotiable

Only 5 or 6 regular flyers in this 11 member Group. Aircraft maintained by Westair at Barton. New re-spray and cockpit refurb 2005. Garmin 155 Satnav, 2 radios with 4 headset sockets.Garmin GTX328 Mode 'S' Transponder just fitted. Online booking allows up to 2 advance bookings at any one time so as to ensure availability. ?90 per month by Standing Order plus ?20 per hour (Dry) flying time. Equates to ?55 - ?65 per hour wet. Share price negotiable can be paid in 2 or 3 payments. For a demo flight and further details contact Brian H Lobell, Group Secretary on 01942 675893 or mobile: 07946 704 564.
Send Brian Lobell a Secure Message. Contact Details 01942 675893 Ask a Question
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