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Cessna 182j Share Available - Elstree adid = 20882

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Cessna, 182J | ?8,000

1/5th share available, based at Elstree. Well funded friendly group and excellent aircraft availability.

Lovely aircraft, very well looked after and in very good condition.

Equipped with:

Garmin 250XL GPS
Bendix / King Skymap IIIC
Twin Nav + ILS
4-Way Intercom
Recently replaced windscreen & fuel tanks
3 Bladed Hartznell Propeller

Share cost ?8,000, GBP 185 per month + GBP 100 per tacho Hour

Contact Chris Beer on 01753 832 088 or 07785 334 090
Send Juliet Hewitt a Secure Message. Contact Details 01753 832088