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Wanted, Rv3, Wide Body Cassutt Or V.similar adid = 20929

Aviation Photo number 20814
Views so far = 1927

Light Aircraft, Wanted

I'm looking for something metal, either stressed skin or tube and fabric, single seat, fast, single seater and vaguely aerobatic, with a tailwheel.

I've sold my Jodel and I have the cash waiting for the right aircraft.

Send Phil Jones a Secure Message. Contact Details 07720 294494 Ask a Question

There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 the black midget mustang was for sale recently in the LAA mag, 20k

A1 I know that black MM very well and took loads of pics of it whilst doing my tailwheel conversion at The Tiger Club last year! Sadly it was sold, even before the advert was printed, otherwise it would be sitting in my hangar space right now! Thanks for the pointer!

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