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Various Items For Sale Due To Retirement adid = 21157

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Miscellaneous, For Sale

Since selling my Cessna 172 some time ago, I have moved onto other hobbies so various items really need a new owner. Quite a few things have been sold already. Below a listing of what is still available:

1 X Bendix King Skymap IIIC. Asking ?275. (SOLD, THANKS)

1 x HM Series Survivor Life Jacket in excellent condition. Asking ?40.

1 X David Clark H10-76 Headset in good working order. Comes with an extra pair of foam filled ear seals as well as the normal gel seals. Asking ?70

1 X David Clark H10-13X (SOLD, THANKS).

1 X Jeppesen Captain Flight Bag in blue. In decent condition with all the detachable parts included. Some of those are as new as I did not use them. Asking ?45.

Give me a ring if you want to have a look at any on the items. I am based in Canterbury. Any postage will be additional.
Send Maarten Tonsbeek a Secure Message. Contact Details 01227 472123 Ask a Question

There are 2 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 Hello, does the Clarity come with extra foam inserts for your ears? How much use has it had? Finally is it the pro version or classic? Many Thanks Mark

A1 awaiting answer

Q2 Hi Maarton would you consider ?175.00 for the Skymap plus postage.

A2 awaiting answer

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